Why Your Business Needs a UX Copywriting Audit

Think of a UX copywriting audit like spring cleaning. Just as you would go through each section of your house organizing, decluttering, and revamping, a UX copywriting audit involves examining and refining the written content on your digital platform.

Whether you’re creating an app or building a new content strategy, it’s always good to have a UX copywriter or UX messaging expert involved in the process. They help build trust between you and your users, ensure that everything related to content is consistent, provide value to customers, and keep everything going in the right direction.

An audit doesn’t need to be for all your content. It can just be for specific pieces of content like your blogs, user journeys, a specific form, or just your website. It can also be done in steps, so it doesn’t feel like a huge overwhelming task.

Save on costs

Audits usually save costs related to extensive content changes. Regularly assessing and refining written content helps your business avoid major website or application redesigns.

If the content is clear, compelling, and aligned with marketing goals, it can positively impact the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This, in turn, can lead to more efficient use of marketing budgets.

Aligning your content with user needs and preferences, and continuous improvement based on user feedback helps refine your strategies without resorting to costly trial-and-error methods. 

Elevate user experience

Your content should always be relatable and readable. Making navigation easier, fixing broken links, and ensuring your content makes sense helps create a more user-friendly environment.

A UX copywriting audit looks at user flows, user journeys, and how reliable and presentable your texts are to your users. An example is using concise, clear texts and bullet points to ensure users feel that they can connect to your posts, website, newsletters, or emails which ultimately generates more leads and sales.

Identify outdated content

Content is always evolving, and staying up-to-date helps you maintain your connection with your users. People evolve, and your content has to follow that trend. Putting out current and quality content makes your online presence reliable and increases your chances of ranking at the top in search engines.

Carrying out a UX copywriting audit allows you to identify and eliminate outdated or irrelevant content. With a clear understanding of what works, you can refine and update your content strategy, focus on producing more content that performs well and adjust or eliminate underperforming content.

Creating new content faster

Having a look at previous content and enhancing it can help increase user conversions even if they weren’t performing well before. 

An audit uses best practices to identify gaps in information or redundant messaging to improve content with important information, address important user concerns, and avoid unnecessary repetition.

Maintain a consistent brand identity 

Consistency is key and a content audit ensures a consistent brand voice across all platforms. By reviewing and aligning style guides, content templates, and tone of voice documentation, you can identify whether specific grammar rules or writing conventions are followed.

A UX copywriting audit also checks whether the content reflects the latest version of your documentation. It ensures that any updates or revisions are implemented consistently.

It gives a more unified and professional user experience, strengthens your existing brand identity, and establishes a trustworthy image.

Mobile experience 

Most people can’t go a few hours without using their phones. Chances are you’re probably reading this on your phone right now. 

An audit also considers the unique aspects of mobile interaction and makes your content easier to access through mobile devices, making sure your content makes sense on every screen.

A UX copywriting audit checks how well-written content is optimized for mobile platforms, considering factors such as limited screen space, different user behaviours, and the need for concise and impactful copy.

Competitive edge

No business wants to sound exactly like its competitors. They’re always looking to do something different and bring something new to their users. 

An audit can compare your content with that of your competitors and having a UX copywriter’s insight will help craft unique content and compelling messages. This insight can also set your brand apart from companies that rely on AI, which spits out generic content.

A lot of companies are starting to sound the same, and adopting a human-centred approach with a distinctive brand voice helps influence user perceptions.

When to conduct a UX copywriting audit

Annually: For many businesses, conducting a comprehensive content audit every year is a good starting point. You can get an expert to review your entire content inventory, identify outdated or irrelevant material, and ensure that your content aligns with your current business goals.

Quarterly: If your business undergoes rapid changes, a quarterly content audit may be more suitable. This frequency allows you to stay agile, adapt to market trends, and keep your content strategy current.

After significant changes: Whenever there are significant changes to your business, such as a rebranding, shifts in the target audience, or updates to your products or services, it’s advisable to perform a content audit. This ensures that your content accurately reflects these changes.

When SEO goals change: If you change your SEO strategy or focus on different keywords, conducting a UX copywriting audit can help align your existing content with your updated SEO goals.

After redesigns or migrations: If you redesign your website or migrate to a new platform, it’s crucial to conduct a content audit to address any issues that may arise during the transition and ensure a seamless user experience.

UX copywriting audits should happen as often as possible. Getting an expert to look over your content is a strategic investment that enhances user experience, conversion rates, and overall brand effectiveness.

The person who conducts the audit can also make fixes after the audit is conducted. They identify what’s wrong, and what’s going well, and use this info to make informed decisions for the fixes.

Audits help to set the foundation for business growth by ensuring that your content resonates with your audience, effectively communicates your value proposition, and is adapting to a dynamic market.

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