UX Writing for Apps: Everything You Need to Know

UX writing is the process of using simple, clear, and practical words to help users easily find their way around a digital product and have a positive experience while doing so.

Imagine your app is a city that tourists want to visit. You usually need a tour guide to show you around, help you with any unexpected challenges during the trip, and give you the best experience. 

In this case, the tour guide is the UX writer; your user is the tourist. 

Note: The terms UX writing and UX copywriting are often used interchangeably. We shouldn’t confuse them with tech copywriting or general copywriting, which are different fields.

UX writing is important to app interfaces, and it’s important to understand why you should have a UX writer in all stages of your app development and how a UX writer can make your app more customer-centric.

Research insights

UX writers are skilled researchers. They use techniques like conversation mining to dig through information and resources on forums and social apps to find similar language that a company’s target users often use. 

UX writers analyze and solve problems. They can also use analytics tools to determine and compare user language preferences. UX writers understand the needs of the users and the stakeholders and use this to design clear and concise copy, user journeys, tone of voice documentation, and writing style guides.

UX writing consultation

UX writers are often brought in at the end stages of design projects to fill in the copy or empty spaces with words within the app design.” But UX writers aren’t just space fillers; they bring way more to the table. 

Including your UX writer from the get-go will help you understand how users flow through your app and ensure that every piece of text fits into the user experience. They can also spot inconsistencies and gaps in user flow and recognize areas of improvement that developers or other designers might miss.

Making copy fit properly 

Imagine reading a mystery novel with missing pages or trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle with half of the pieces missing – you’re left feeling frustrated and unable to see the complete picture. That’s what encountering an app with bad UX writing can feel like. 

A UX writer has done a great job when users don’t notice the app copy. Unclear UX writing, however, causes users to notice anything and everything wrong with your copy.

This includes ensuring that notifications, buttons, and microcopy fit perfectly into your app’s design and knowing when to use the right tone and words. For example, a happy tone for a successful onboarding message or a serious tone for a warning message.

Expert collaborators

One of the core skills UX writers have is collaboration with designers and developers. Good communication with designers and developers always results in positive user experiences.

For example, your app’s onboarding process. Developers create the functionality, designers craft the visuals, and UX writers finesse the content. The result? A smooth onboarding experience that guides users effortlessly.

Crafting strings for clarity

In the world of app interfaces, “strings” refer to those pieces of text that pop up everywhere – from button labels to error messages to notifications. These strings might seem insignificant, but they’re the glue that holds your app together. 

Imagine you’re using an app, and a pop-up message appears saying, “Error 404: Operation could not be completed (WD GeneralErrorNetwork404).” Unless you’re a coding wizard, this message probably doesn’t mean anything to you. It’s a perfect example of unclear UX writing.

Now, let’s imagine you have a UX writer onboard. A UX writer can craft the error message to say, “No internet: Poor network connection detected. Please check your connectivity.” with a CTA that says “Retry.” This message helps you understand the issue and gives you a way out. It’s like having a friendly mechanic when your car breaks down.

UX writing is crucial for apps

Clarity & conciseness

Clarity and conciseness always go hand in hand. App interfaces usually have limited space, so UX writers take their time to write clear and concise words that convey information to users.


The language you use determines your user engagement. UX writers create microcopy that can turn mundane tasks into engaging user experiences and increase conversion rates. 


UX writers play an important role in maintaining copy consistency. Using consistent language across your app creates trust and reliability and helps users feel connected to your product.


UX writers understand the needs and emotions of users. Well-crafted language makes app copy relatable, addresses user pain points, and makes them feel understood. 

The power of UX writing for apps

Tech companies looking to create an app or that are currently building an app should never underestimate the power of working with a UX writer

A vital key to an app’s success is user experience. UX writing is about clarity, usefulness, and guiding users through your app’s interface.

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